For the last two years Grenville Systems Development have sponsor 3 to 4 post matric students a year to undergo computer literacy training. The training is undertaken in a formal environment at Creative Minds Computer Training Academy in Nelspruit.
The mission of Creative Minds is to gently help young and old to become integrated in the technological and cyber-orientated society of today. They offer a no-fear, stress-free training method, enabling students of all ages and walks of life to become confident users of computers. Their centres specialise in training computer novices, and also offers more advanced courses for office workers, managers, businessmen, etc. Their training is based on step by step principles using their own world class training material. They do not use traditional classroom or mass-training methods where novices might feel intimidated.
The intention of this initiative is to provide students with the opportunity to gain some “real life” computer skills. They undergo general Microsoft operating system introduction to Windows and how to operate a computer and this is then followed by Internet basics, typing, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint training up to Level 2 which is an advanced level. This opportunity empowers our students to either get a better job or assists in any further studies they wish to undertake. We have had great success with our students and many of them have entered the commerce world and are either currently employed or have been offered bursaries for further studies.
We have been so impressed by the success of the students in general, that we are committed to continuing with the project into the future.


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